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Connected Phone services allows you to work anywhere, integrate with enterprise software solutions, use call recording features for training and compliance, and so much more.  Combined with our Fixed Monthly Fee VoIP Services we can reduce your skyrocketing communications costs and provide you a fixed monthly fee that you can count on.

Over the past few years hundreds of our clients have moved to a hosted phone system, removing their traditional phone that ran over the Telstra fixed telephone network. Here is why:

- There is nothing onsite, the phone systems live in the cloud and is managed and maintained by someone else,

- Features can be added remotely for free without a visit to your office,

- Extra handsets can be added easily as your staff expands, with no need for anyone to visit your office on site visits,

- You can connect to your Hosted Cloud PBX from anywhere - just plug in your pre-programmed handset into any internet connection and you are connected to the phone system and good to go,

- Remote staff can be included in your phone system in just a few minutes, by simply plugging in a handset to any internet connection.

Connected Phone utilises the latest technology from Avaya deploying the new Powered by Avaya Virtual System for Voice solutions and the Avaya Equinox Video Conferencing and Collaboration.


Powered by Avaya Avaya Equinox Video Conferencing

Our Sales team works hard to set you up with the right system, the Helpdesk Team is available to guide you through account set-up and any troubleshooting, and our Engineering team is constantly improving and innovating features to make your service even better.

We’re a connected team of people working to deliver the best product available.

Contact our team on 08 8944 2244 or sales@techsolutions.com.au for more details

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